React Native Guru (f/m)

Posted on July 10, 2018
Berlin, Germany


Cinuru Research collects and analyzes data from the cinema loyalty app Cinuru and helps cinemas and film distributors to understand, reach, and retain their customers more efficiently. In a consumer-centric approach we have iteratively developed the first version of the app, which allows moviegoers to connect with their favorite cinemas, keep watchlists, earn rewards, and rate movies. It is currently exclusively tested in 8 cinemas throughout Germany. In the next months we will further improve the app and add many new features. Business-wise we are scaling the concept to larger cinema chains and are planning our international expansion. We are an interdisciplinary founding team with various backgrounds (film production, computer science, business).


  • Become an integral part of a young start-up and help us scale.
  • Gain Interesting insights into the movie and cinema business.
  • Work alongside two experience technical co-founders.
  • Join a creative team at our nice office directly in the Film Studio Babelsberg.
  • We have secure funding for the next years and can offer a long term job perspective.


Within 1 Month:

  • You will build state-of-the-art mobile app experience using React Native.
  • You will help us refine the App by testing it with our clients and end-users.

Within 3 Months:

  • You will build new features centered around social interactions in cinema.
  • You will help us augment the App with web experiences and newsletters.

Within 12 Months:

  • You will help us internationalize the App to tackle the broader European market.



  • You have experience with hybrid mobile app development.
  • You have a profound JavaScript (ES6+) knowledge.
  • You know the basic ins and outs of how to build for the Web.
  • You know when and how to find and use packages to accomplish tasks.
  • You are honest about what you do and don’t know and ask for help.
  • You have basic IT project experience (Version Control, Scrum, Unix Terminal).
  • You are fluent in German or English and can read docs, blogs, and forums in English.
  • You can show us some completed reference projects.
  • You are familiar with basic functional programming concepts.


Knowing some of these technologies would help, but we don’t expect you to know any of them yet.

  • You have worked with React and/or React Native before.
  • You have experience managing client side state with Redux and/or Apollo.
  • You have experience in styling with CSS/Less/Sass/Stylus or a CSS in JS solution.
  • You know how to build and consume REST and/or GraphQL APIs.
  • You can set up JS projects with npm/yarn, Babel, and bundlers like Webpack.
  • You have build apps with ObjectiveC/Swift or Java/Kotlin before.
  • You have experience in building HTML emails.
  • You have experience with functional software architecture.
  • You love movies.

Soft skills that will make you fly:

  • You know how to directly put creative ideas into a running product.
  • You like to learn new technologies and you learn them fast.
  • A rapidly changing environment motivates you to raise your goals.
  • You feel a deep love for products that simply work.